At Café Susann, our love for great coffee and homemade cakes is bound to our love for honest and fine cuisine.

Café Susann is situated in the middle of Kaiserslautern.

Our selection draws upon the rich, natural resources of our Palatinate region: we harvest all kinds of herbs, fruits, and veggies from our own organic garden.

In order to meet the needs of our café, we collaborate with local, family-owned farms, such as:

This way, regional suppliers determine our selection. On Mondays, we create our popular, ever-changing lunch menu in accordance with seasonal availability.

We also love to share our internationally-inspired cuisine!


“To me, hospitality means creating a space to which people love to return to.”

In September of 2016, Maike Susann Gemba opened Café Susann in the middle of Kaiserslautern, in the heart of the Palatinate region.

Born and raised near Kaiserslautern, Maike Susann loves her home, and was deeply influenced by her childhood in the countryside.

Her connection with nature can be found in every nook and cranny of the café.

Fresh blossoms adorn the tables and counter, which are handcrafted from Palatinate pine wood. Our café is green in more than one way - stay awhile and enjoy our garden patio.

This café is the realization of a childhood dream to bring all kinds of different people to one table — everyone has a place at Café Susann, and together we foster a welcoming atmosphere.

We look forward to having you!