Tue - Sat | 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sun           | 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Mon         | Closed


For organizational reasons, we can only accept reservation requests by phone 0631/84286771 or in person on site. Our friendly service staff can then check directly in the appointment book and guarantee you a seat if possible.
For last-minute requests for the next morning, we recommend simply dropping by on the off chance - usually a place can be found spontaneously.

🦠 COVID 19

We follow the current measures that take effect in RLP at this time and do our best to make your stay in the café as smooth & safe as possible. Please show us your immunization and depending on the current regulation, your valid test result as well as your ID card on your own to be seated inside. Please wait at the front of the entrance area until we have reviewed your immunization documentation. Codes for contact registration with the Luca App as well as slips of paper for analog completion are available for you.
Thank you for your cooperation!


Currently, due to the pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to offer the opportunity to rent our space for closed events. Small groups of up to 15 people can find space during our daytime operations by making an early reservation by phone. You are welcome to decorate the table yourself in a small style with your own decorative elements. We ask you to take these back afterwards.


If you are interested in ordering whole cakes, pies or our house bread, please contact us by message only via our cake phone 0151-263 89 182. Please order early, at least 4 days in advance. Our baking team will then weigh the capacities and inform you about the possibilities. Alternatively, you can spontaneously have your favorites packed to go on the spot - while supplies last.

Feel free to bring your own transport box in advance so we can save on packaging materials together.

If interested in the price and seasonal selection list for cakes, pies & our house bread, please reply to this email and we will send it to you.


You can find our gift certificates in our online store at https://www.cafesusann.de/en/shop/giftcards-and-books/cafe-susann-gift-card/ or directly in the café.
Just tell us your desired amount! For the voucher card with envelope we charge an artist fee of 1€.


If you are interested in working for us, you can find our current job offers under the following link. In addition, we are always happy to receive unsolicited applications, especially from cooks and confectioners (hobby or skilled).

Since we are always looking for long-term & reliable support, we also ask for detailed information when sending an application:

- To the desire of the employment type
- Desired minimum & maximum hours per week
- Availability per week (also important for a possible trial work in the coming days)
- Foreseeable absences, (e.g. already planned vacation or semester-related changes)
- Please do not forget the phone number where we can reach you

If we currently have all positions filled, we will inform you about this (we ask for a little patience here) and will gladly keep your documents until the next change in the team takes place. In this case, please let us know if you agree with the storage of your data.


We are always grateful for constructive, detailed criticism in order to turn the necessary screws so that your next visit will be completely satisfactory.

We hope we could answer your questions and are looking forward to your next visit at Café Susann.

Best regards & stay healthy!
Your Café Susann - Team