Dear all,
We wish you all a happy and peaceful 4th Sunday in Advent.
Since the beginning of the second big lockdown, stores have been closed and the city is empty. We still need your support! In the next couple of days, we will present you some thoughtful and sustainable gift ideas which you can still get at the café just before the holidays.

1. Our KeepCup
We designed our KeepCup when we first started our fundraiser in the spring, and now it’s also available for purchase at the Café: It is sustainable, has our logo on it, and is leakproof – we promise!
Give the KeepCup to a person that you miss having coffee dates and good conversations at Café Susann with. Maybe you’ll combine this gift with a winter walk to the café and grab a coffee to go? We’d love to be part of the Christmas surprise. ♡

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