Holunderblütensirup/Elderflower Syrup

Every year, we go out to the local fields surrounding Kaiserslautern and pick wild elderflowers to make our homemade elderflower syrup.

This year’s harvest will make 50 bottles of syrup which we use for our popular elderflower spritzer and our hot and sweet elderflower tea. We might even put it in your long drinks and cocktails because it’s just so good!

We hand-pick and carefully select the flowers, clean them, leave them to draw, allow the syrup to reduce, strain it and finally fill our reusable glass bottles with it. This way, we can guarantee impeccable quality in a perfectly local and seasonal product.

Isn’t it amazing how nature gives us such valuable resources and how in every season of the year we benefit from its plants and flowers to feed and nourish our soul and body?

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