Lunch Menu 17-20 April

Dear All,

Here’s this week’s lunch menu:

Homemade baked beans on our homemade bread served with oven-roasted veggies and fresh herbs (7.00, vegan)

Creamy pasta with fresh spinach, broccoli and peas (6.50, vegetarian)

Crispy oven-baked potato wedges served with an avocado dip and fresh parsley (6.50, vegan option on request)

Sun bowl with spinach salad, yellow lentils, and fresh veggies from the weekly market. Served with a vinaigrette sauce and a dip.
With feta cheese 8.00, vegetarian,
without the cheese 7.00, vegan

Have a great week! We hope to see you soon at Café Susann ♡

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